HF BOX – Mini RTU for Simple Automation Applications


SOFREL HF BOX-Radio Transmitter Designed for Remote Monitoring

Specially developed for remote monitoring of small isolated installations without any energy source, the SOFREL HF-BOX – Mini RTU is a battery-operated data transmitter that communicates over a dedicated or dedicated line.

Very easy to use, this HF BOX Mini RTU solution is particularly suitable for slave control between reservoir and pump station.

Equipped with 6 digital inputs and two 2 analog inputs, it receives control data (signals, levels, measurement, etc.), can be displayed locally via the display unit or can communicate with an S4W RTU pumping between RTUs station.

Remote control and telemonitoring
Remote management of small isolated installations without power supply
Information gathering (signals, levels, meter readings…)
Transmission of information via unlicensed Radio to a SOFREL S500 telemetry at the same time to the SCADA Remote Terminal Unit.
Local consultation of on-screen information
Slave Control

Dependent control between reservoir and pump station
Call trigger:
-DI on input state change
-after a user defined time (3, 5, 10 or 15 min)
business economics

Typical battery life: 4 years
Integrated Lithium battery
Easy to install
Communication with License-Free Radio
Box with display unit and configuration setting button
6 digital inputs (2 of which can be used for measurement)
2 analog inputs
Built-in lithium battery
4-year battery life
Unlicensed radio communication
Finally, contact AYKOME for the most correct use of this product.