THERMOPOINT/ Multi-point Temperature Transmitter

THERMOPOINT/ Multipoint Temperature Transmitter

The NIVELCO THERMOPOINT 2-wire multi-point temperature transmitter is suitable for continuous multi-point temperature measurement of normal and hazardous liquids, powders or granular solids.

In addition, the temperature of the grain stored in the silos, the temperature of the feed, and the quality of the stored environment must be monitored. The total volume of the silo needs to be monitored to provide information about accidental quality loss or microbe or fungal growth. Possible temperature rises will alert the operator to operate or recycle the media. In short, temperature measurement is made with electronic temperature sensors placed at equal distances in a plastic-coated stainless steel flexible tube. Each sensor sends the actual measured temperature of its environment to the temperature transmitter head. The 2-wire loop-operated transmitter head communicates with control room devices such as MultiCONT or PC via the HART® protocol for further processing or data logging. A notable advantage of the MultiCONT-based system is that if level measurement is required, the system can be expanded with a level transmitter. In short, the advantage of using a multifunctional system is that a new transmitter can be easily added to the existing loop using existing HART® communication. Thanks to the Multipoint Temperature Transmitter, you can provide a radical solution to these problems.

Revolutionize your process in temperature measurement with the most preferred product THERMOPOINT TMK-61p-4.

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Temperature Transmitter Product Features
2-wire multipoint
temperature transmitter
Communicates with HART®
probe length up to 50 m
up to 15 sensors
Max. 35 kN pulling force
Interchangeable sensors
Digital addressable sensors
-30…+125 °C (-22…+257 °F)
medium temperature
old variant

Application Areas of Multi-Point Temperature Transmitter
regular and dangerous
temperature measurement
powder, granular,
or free flowing solids
For conduction temperature
data from distant places
grain industry
Feed industry
food industry

Multipoint Temperature Transmitter Technical Specifications

Supply voltage: 11…36 V DC
Ambient temperature: -30…+65 °C
Measuring range: Liquids: -40…+125 °C, Solids: -40…+85 °C
Probe length: rigid probe: 1…4 m flexible probe: 1…50 m
Output: 4…20 mA + HART®
Process connection: M20x1.5; 1″, 1½”
Ingress protection: IP67
Approvals: ATEX

ATEX (Ex ia G)
ATEX (Ex ia D)
ATEX (Ex ta/tb D)