COD/TOC – Carbon Quantity Meter

DETECTRONIC COD/TOC – Chemical Oxygen Demand and Total Organic Carbon Content Measurement Device

The ORAKEL COD/TOC Carbon Quantity Meter is modularly designed to integrate with other sensors such as pH, turbidity and dissolved oxygen to provide all the tools needed as a standalone UV254 analyzer or as part of it.

The ORAKEL COD/TOC Sensor provides online continuous organic monitoring using a 254nm ultraviolet light source. The amount of light absorbed provides a continuous indication of the Natural Organic Matter (NOM) in a flowing sample. It functions as a measurement for Total Organic Carbon (TOC) alongside other measurements such as Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD).

What are the Application Areas of the Carbon Quantity Meter?
When using the transmission mode (UVT), the ORAKEL COD/TOC Sensor can be used to optimize the light level in UV disinfection equipment, giving your disinfection confidence while minimizing power levels.

In absorbance mode (UVA), the device can be used to monitor the presence of organic matter (NOM). This can be used as a proxy measure for COD, BOD or TOC to provide continuous indicative evidence of wastewater quality and to ensure that all wastewater control requirements are met in any wastewater stream.

ORAKEL COD/TOC Sensor pH, temperature, suspended solids, dissolved oxygen etc. It can be combined with any other ORAKEL sensor such as It provides a complete waste stream monitoring system at a fraction of the price of a true “online” COD/. TOC analyzer.

UV254 is an established method for monitoring organic charges, as many organic substances absorb UV light at a wavelength of 254 nm. It is used to measure the amount of UV light absorbed, to monitor Natural Organic Matter (NOM). Monitoring the NOM provides an early indication of unexpected events, giving you the opportunity to adjust your treatment.

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Carbon Content Meter Technical Specifications

  • 0-100% UVT, 0-6.5 UVA range .
  • Truth
    ±1.0% UVT.
  • Repeatability
    ±0.1% UVT.
  • Resolution
    0.1% UVT, 0.001 UVA.
  • Path Length
    2, 4 and 10mm.
  • Sampling Time
    10 seconds.
  • Flow Rate
  • Cleaning
    Unique contamination compensation, fast and easy cleaning-in-place technology.
    Automatic cleaning (optional).
  • Self Diagnosis
    Continuous detection of excessive contamination, lamp output and electrical failure.
  • Humidity Control
    Humidity sensor with large renewable dryer system.
  • Wavelength
    254nm (tolerance ±0.3).
  • Source of light
    Low pressure mercury UV lamp.
  • Lamp Life
    2 years (guaranteed).
  • Dimensions
    16″(h) x 14″(w) x 8″(d).
  • Casing
    IP65 (Nema 4X) wall mountable.
  • Fluid Connections
    ¼” pipe compression in/out.
  • Electric
  • Operating temperature
    0° to 45°C (32° to 113°F).
  • Storage Temperature
    -20° to 60°C (-4° to 140°F).
  • Guarantee
    2 year limited warranty.
  • Optional Accessories
    Automatic chemical cleaning.
    Double sample capability.
    Seawater version.