EASYTREK SP-500 PRO – Ultrasonic Level Transmitter for Liquids

EASYTREK SP–500 Pro Ultrasonic Level Transmitters for Liquids

The EasyTREK SP–500 Pro series Ultrasonic Level Transmitter for Liquids embodies NIVELCO’s forty years of experience in ultrasonic level measurement. The devices are IP68 rated, their transducers and processing electronics combined in a single unit. EasyTREK transmitters use HART® 7 communication, they can be used in multidrop systems connected to a MultiCONT process controller/display or a PC via UNICOMM HART®–USB modem or similar. Transmitters can also be programmed remotely with the Handheld Field Communicator; They can be connected wirelessly to a computer via the SAT-504 Bluetooth® HART® modem. EasyTREK SP–500 Pro instruments are smaller in size, the maximum measuring range has been extended and the minimum measuring range has been reduced.

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What are the General Features of Ultrasonic Level Transmitters?
EasyTREK ultrasonic level transmitters can be used not only to measure the level of liquids (fluids), but also for flow and tank volume measurement. Ultrasonic level measurement technology is based on the principle of measuring the time it takes for ultrasound pulses to travel the distance from the sensor to the level to be measured and return. The echoes returning from the surface of the medium to be measured reach the sensor surface after the flight time of the ultrasonic pulse. The time of flight of the reflected signal is measured and processed by the electronics and then converted into distance, level, volume or flow proportional data using customizable tank sizes or pre-programmed channel/sluice parameters. EasyTREK ultrasonic level transmitters use NIVELCO’s built-in SenSonic series transducers with a full beam angle of 5 to 7 degrees, connected to intelligent electronics with QUEST+ advanced signal processing algorithm. The intelligent QUEST+ process adaptive signal processing software system enables the electronics to identify and verify the liquid surface signal, providing reliable level monitoring.

Ultrasonic Level Transmitter for Liquids Product Features

  • 2 wire transmitter
  • Non-contact level measurement
  • Narrow 5° beam angle
  • Advanced threshold management
  • Quick start mode
  • Faster measurement cycle
  • Service Interface
  • Excellent signal processing with QUEST+ software
  • temperature compensation
  • Secondary lightning protection
  • 32-point linearization
  • PP, PVDF, PTFE enclosure and converters
  • Explosion-proof variants (ATEX version)
  • Level and volume measurement
  • Open channel flow measurement
  • fail-safe indicator
  • For demanding applications such as steam, smoke, mixing blades and light foam
  • 5 years warranty

What are Ultrasonic Level Transmitters Application Areas and Level Measurement Methods?

  • Chemical industry (refinery, petrochemical, coal, paint, phosphate, resin, etc.)
  • Food and beverage (milk, carbonated drinks, alcohol, bakery products, chocolate products, etc.)
  • Petroleum industry (diesel, solvent, lpg etc.)
  • Water / wastewater industry (drinking water treatment plants, wastewater treatment plant, municipalities, institutions and organizations with pipelines)
  • Agriculture
  • Construction Materials
  • paper mill

Ultrasonic Level Transmitters Technical Specifications

Supply voltage:11…36 V DC
Ambient temperature:−30…+80 °C
Process temperature:−30…+90 °C
Process pressure:0.5…3 bar (absolute)
Measuring range:0.15…18 m
Output:4…20 mA, HART®, relay
Process connection:1″ BSP, 1½” or 2″ NPT
Ingress protection:IP68
Approvals:ATEX (in progress)