MultiCon CMC-99 – Compact Multi-Channel Controller

MultiCon CMC-99 – Compact Multi-Channel Controller

The MultiCon CMC-99 compact multi-channel controller is powerful and versatile, with data logging if the logging function is requested and enabled. This makes it one of the first industrial devices to integrate advanced control functions (PID, ON/OFF, time and profiles etc.) and logging of setpoints, excitations and current state of controlled objects. It is based on Linux firmware, it is stable, and the touchscreen makes configuration easy and convenient. Although the MultiCon CMC-99 is built in a fairly small enclosure, it can integrate up to 48 inputs and its structure provides the user with virtually free configuration by selecting up to 3 from the 27 available input/output modules.

The biggest advantage of all devices in the MultiCon series is the large number of internal inputs/outputs accessible in one compact device. The most advanced version, the CMC-99, has up to 48 measurement or digital inputs and 60 virtual channels. Thanks to a well thought-out module design, you can choose from a wide variety of boards and connect them to the slots however you want, but you don’t have to use all the slots. You can also decide for yourself how to use the virtual channels if direct measurement readings are to be used for mathematical functions, timers, profiling, setpoints or virtual objects.

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Multicon CMC – 99 General Features

  • MultiCon = Meter + Controller + Recorder + HMI + SCADA in one package
  • Linux-based stable firmware
  • 27 available input/output modules
  • 60 logical channels
  • Color LCD screen 3.5″ TFT, with touchscreen
  • Record data (ten samples per second) with a maximum rate of 10Hz
  • 4GB internal data memory
  • RS-485 (Modbus RTU), USB Host, Ethernet communication
  • Panel, compact device in 96 x 96 mm chassis