SW-BCD-94 – Universal Display with Serial and Parallel Inputs

SW-BCD-94 Serial and Parallel Input Universal Display

SW-BCD-94 serial and parallel ınput universal display can be used as display output for PLCs to display data in binary, bcd or byte format or to show typical information transmitted via RS-485 interface.
Depending on the parameter settings, the indicator can display:

  • Programmable digits with decimal points (0 – 9),
  • binary data (0 – 9, A – F), e.g. address lines, data lines, etc.
  • Various messages and texts that can be generated on 7-segment digital displays.
  • The meter can be configured via the RS-485 communication port with the local keyboard or the free S-Config software.

You can contact Aykome Engineering for detailed information.

SW-BCD-94 Serial and Parallel Input Display

  • universal display with serial and parallel inputs
  • 4 flash inputs; 16 data entries
  • RS-485 / Modbus RTU
  • flash input number and flash signal type selection
  • input selection and displayed data type
  • Screen brightness adjustable in 8 steps
  • free configuration software S-Config