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RF Capacitance / NIVOCAP CK®


The NIVOCAP CK-100 series new generation capacitance level switches unlike the traditional capacitive principle they
operate as capacitance meters in the RF (radio-frequency) range. The most advantageous feature of this technique
is that the instrument has great build-up immunity, therefore the NIVOCAP CK-100 is an excellent choice for those
adhering, sticky substances where the rival vibrating or the other contacting measurement technologies are not
The mechanical construction consists of a stainless steel probe and a reference probe between two insulations.
The intelligent microcontroller based electronics of the NIVOCAP CK evaluates continuously the voltage level
proportional to the capacitance difference between the two probes and the housing. This way it provides more stabile
measurement compared to the analogue capacitance switches. The units are available only with paint coated aluminium
housing, because one reference point of the measurement is the housing itself. An insulated section of the probe called
the guard-ring allows that the material build-ups on the probe can be ignored preventing false switching.
The maximal probe length of the NIVOCAP CK series is 3 meter (10 feet) in case of the rod extended types and the cable
extended versions can be ordered up to 10 meter (33 feet) probe length. The high temperature and the Dust-Ex approved
models are suitable for using in harsh environments so they can be ideal choice for power generation applications.


  • Intelligent electronic level switch
  • Build-up immunity
  • Easy calibration
  • Selectable sensitivity
  • Fail-safe operation mode
  • Rod (0.7–3 m) or flexible cable extension (1–10 m)
  • High temperature version
  • Dust-Ex models
  • For high viscosity, sticky materials
  • For special applications such as blockage detection in hopper and hot ash


  • For solids with εr≥1.5 and liquids
  • Agriculture
  • Construction materials
  • Chemical industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Food and beverage
  • Mining industry
  • Power plants
  • Paper mill
  • Plastic industry


Power supply:20–250 VAC/DC
Ambient temperature:– 30°C…+65°C
Process temperature:-30°C…+235°C
Process pressure:up to 25 bar
Output:relay (SPDT) or electronic switch (SPST)
Process connection:¾”, 1″, 1 ½”
Ingress protection:IP67
Approvals:ATEX, IEC Ex