Engineering and Consulting

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Learn from the experts. Maximize the value of your business.

From solution planning to implementation and ongoing operations, Aykome Engineering and Consulting offers you the best service and business results wherever and whenever you need it.

Aykome Engineering and Consulting offers a comprehensive combination of business, functionality and technical expertise. Our consultants have deep experience in asset (water, wastewater, soil, etc.) oriented sectors. They have unparalleled application knowledge and industry-specific knowledge to make improvements at every level of an organisation, from corporate strategy to shop floor operations.

Our services

Aykome Engineering and Consulting team increases your business performance with a comprehensive and global experience in the following subjects:

  • Application services
  • Project management
  • e-business services
  • System upgrade considerations
  • Activity evaluation after fieldwork
  • Business consulting
  • Mobile solutions
  • Technical services

So what is our benefit?

Aykome Engineering and Consulting offers measurable business results in every task. We provide robust and support throughout the entire resolution process. Our services include:

  • Full support for customers applying Aykome Engineering solutions using the latest technology and functional innovations
  • Provide lifetime up-to-date technology and support for customers to reduce operating cost and adapt to changing business environments
  • Providing consultancy to increase quality and reduce risk in ongoing operations