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MultiCONT is a universal interface between NIVELCO’s HART-enabled smart level / pressure / temperature / flow sensors and other elements of the process control system such as PCs, PLCs, displays and actuators, combining data from multiple sensors in one panel. It allows users to easily receive data from field devices, reducing the time and effort spent on data analysis. It provides high-end results thanks to its advanced technology architecture, advanced data storage and forwarding capabilities.

It can also control various output options using the measured values ​​and new values ​​calculated from these values. If a system has more than 15 (fifteen) transmitters that a MultiCONT needs to process, other MultiCONT units can be easily expanded by connecting in series over the RS485 line. In addition, the transmitters can be programmed remotely, making it possible to download parameters and measured data. The large LCD or OLED dot matrix display provides a wide range of informative display functions.