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SOFREL FR4000 front-end processor

SOFREL FR4000 is an effective solution for opening up telemetry networks to supervisory control software and central systems developed by operators.

As the central unit, FR4000 centralizes all SOFREL telemetry equipment communications and transmits the data via an Ethernet link (LACBUS-PC protocol) to operators’ SCADA systems.
This data exchange solution is suitable for both private APN networks that provide a 100% secure barrier preventing intrusion into the telemetry network and public APN networks alike. In the case of the latter, SG4000 software will also be required to secure network data transmissions over the public APN.

A solution offering significant advantages

  • Network operation via 4 central SCADA stations
  • Distribution and sharing of device data with third party networks
  • Secured exchangess

Product advantages

  • Secure sharing of devices between a private APN and another network via a secure VPN tunnel
  • Interaction with SG4000 for operation on Public APNs
  • Centralization of 500 Remote Terminal Units and an unlimited number of data loggers
  • Automatic switchover to a backup medium in order to ensure proper data transmission in case of communication failure with a device
  • Easy switchover from multi-source networks to IP