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Temperature sensors PLT


Temperature sensors PLT are platinum resistance temperature sensors used for temperature measurement.
Temperature sensor output parameter is electrical resistance.
The operating principle is based on change of electric resistance of sensing element proportionally to change of temperature of the measured medium.
Resistance dependence on temperature of medium, depending on the Pt-designation is according to EN 60751.

  • Resistance thermometer PT500 (PT100 and PT1000 on request).
  • Suitable for use in the calculation of the thermal energy paired calibrated.
  • Sensors according to EN1434 – 2
  • The PLT are produced with suitable rod to the DN of the line on which to install them.
  • Accuracy conforms to EN 60751 + A2: 2000, and subject to the Directives 2004/22/EC of 31 March 2004: – Annex I/Annex MI-004 for heat meter.
  • The sensors coupled can also be supplied individually.
  • Versions up to 10 meters with cable or head-to-wire longer.
  • Wells with seal/sealing on request.