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The Portable ultrasonic flow meter MANISA-maski congratulations.


MASKI Manisa municipality ( Manisa water and Channel Administration), we opted in isoil flowmeter portable flow rate measurement brand.

IF we held, with the participation of municipal officials ISOIL Brand p-200 portable ultrasonic flowmeter, we held our training model. Akpinar in the district of Princes the accompaniment of the staff of the institution promotion centre mounting and measurement work I’ve done. All municipal officials and personellerinc the results and ease of use is appreciated and admired.Turkish language preference , DN50-DN3000 mm diameters to be able to make measurements , 3-dimensional Assembly technique, the device is driven by the position of the sensors placed even during the application , and automatic measurement of signal quality, internal memory to save data and downloading to a PC with 100,000 of free software , the practicality and accuracy of Wall thickness Gauge , is rechargeable, and 24-hour outbound battery life , light weight and handy carrying case that was part of who got us ahead of our competitors our features.

As for choosing how to brand hospitality firm and intense mask aykome congratulate the authorities flowmeters Thank you for the interest.