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A VPN tunnel is created to secure communication on the public Internet. In our project carried out with Hatsu, SG4000 software VPN Tunnel is used.
Using the public internet for communication between S500 and S4 telemetry devices, SCADA central station or S4 ecosystem is becoming more and more common. The advantages offered by the Internet (low cost, continuous operation, simplicity, etc.) also bring risks related to cyber attacks.

The ease of installation and use of this application on a server of the SCADA central site enables the creation of a fast and efficient VPN network on the public Internet (3G supported). This feature also enables the optimization of the operational and communication costs of the global system. The Distributed Virtual Private Network (VPN) provides secure data exchange between SOFREL Remote Terminal Units and the SCADA central site of the telemetry network. It hosts the Field and Network applications of the client and provides routing of IP communications.