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Verificator for Electromagnetic Flow Meters ISOCAL ISOMAG



ISOCAL is a tool that allows the on-site verification of ISOMAG electromagnetic flow meters, eliminating the costs due to the removal and subsequent re-installation of the same instruments, as well as the time required for these operations.
ISOCAL also allows you to carry out a series of automatic tests aimed at finding or even preventing possible meter failures.
The unit is supplied together with the ISOCAL interface software that allows connection to the PC through the USB port.


MS2500 and MS1000 – ML51: all firmware versions – ML110: firmware versions later than 3.50 – ML210: firmware versions later than 3.50 – ML211: firmware versions later than 3.50 – ML4-F1: all firmware versions

Technical Specifications

  • Sensor test functions: coil resistance, coil impedance, insulation
  • Converter test functions: current to coils, flow rate simulation, 4-20 mA, frequency/pulse output, serial RS232/RS485
  • LCD graphic display
  • Input: 3 membrane keys
  • Protection rating: IP 55
  • Data storage: SD memory max 2 Gb
  • Autonomous operating: up to 8 hours per charge
  • Power supply:internal rechargeable lithium batter