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Waste water flow measurement at the foot of Ağrı mountain

Ağrı dağı eteğinde atık su debi ölçüm hizmeti

Light data were obtained for Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) planned to be taken by taking flow measurements in Wastewater lines in the responsibility area of ​​Doğubayazıt Water and Sewerage Administration (DOSKİ). Ronic The sürel Detectronic acak brand da MSFM tör model Open Channel Flowmeter was used to measure flow at multiple points, including network and collector lines at different times. With the application; to make discovery research, to see day and night flow differences, to determine how much waste water is out at which hours, to follow channel occupancy rates, to measure precipitation amounts, to determine slope problems, to obtain hydraulic purpose data and to create plan project mat. able to. The reports generated from the data obtained from the highly skilled MSFM, which can be used both as a portable and a stationary, were presented to the institution. We would like to thank the organization of DOSKI for their preference not only for drinking water networks but also for Aykome, who is an expert in the detection of problems in waste water networks.