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WATER SAT – Water Quality

Remote. Cost-effective. Scalable.

Water Quality empowers water utilities leaders to remotely monitor issues across entire water catchment areas: remotely, at scale, cost-effectively. It predicts land use change and environmental risk, and it provides sub-catchment insights into how land use impacts pollution levels. Satellite and multiple data feeds combine with advanced AI to track changing issues across watersheds. Use it to identify and dynamically manage diffuse pollution levels resulting from changing land use.

Proactively manage water quality across wide watersheds

Identify pollution

Remotely determine land cover classifications, assess the impact of changing land use on pollution levels, and identify high risk areas.

Reduce downstream treatment

Use accurate estimates of diffuse pollution loads plus detailed risk maps to inform upstream remediation plans, optimise resources and cut costs.

Dynamically manage risk

Use the latest data to optimise decision and engage with landowners to change usage behaviour to continuously reduce pollution risk.

Fill in the data gaps

Geospatial AI helps water quality leaders to continuously assess water quality across large catchments cost-effectively. Take advantage of insights that are not available using traditional ground survey methods.