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Now it is in your hands to make the most precise level control ..! The NIVOCONT R series vibrating level switch is designed for low-high level granule and even powder display and measurement with a minimum density of 0.05 kg / dm3 (50 oz / ft3). This device, which is quite strong and made of stainless steel; When installed in tanks, silos or hopper boxes, it controls filling / emptying or gives safe alarm signals.

The principle of operation is based on the electronic circuit stimulating vibration in the rod probe.
The probe must be protected against strong ingress of material using the appropriate mounting position selection or an overhead guard. When the tool is installed next to the tank, the cone or springing of the material must be taken into account. In dusty environments, the tilt of the side-mounted probe must be larger in terms of resistance to ensure self-cleaning and to prevent material from accumulating on the vibration bar switches.