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SOFREL LT-V is a data logger specially designed for checking pressure control valves in water distribution networks. It is installed in underground manholes that cause flooding and does not have electricity supply and has all the necessary features for use in harsh environments.
• IP68 protection (1 m underwater – 100 days of operation)
• Long-lasting battery (8 years of use when set to 2 shipments per day)
• 4 Digital inputs (DIs) and optional 2 Analog inputs (AIs)
• Working principle with ratchet solenoid for valve control
• Easy access to SIM card and battery
• Communication via Bluetooth connection for onsite data retrieval.
Application areas are as follows; Examples include reducing the amount of leakage by reducing the pressure of the network at night, extending the life of the network by reducing the intensity of sudden changes in pressure, and controlling the water circulation in the network.

In addition to the valve control function, SOFREL LT-V can send the flow and pressure data it records according to an adjustable recording time to a central system (SCADA central station, WEB LS server, etc.) via GPRS connection.
In case of any warning (for example when flow or pressure limits are exceeded), the LT-V can also send a warning message via SMS.

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