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The ZoneScan 820 is easily the most advanced, robust and best performing logger on the market. It is the only radio logger worldwide that is capable not only of logging noise levels, but also record the sound frequency spectrum, and to provide enough sound detail to correlate. It is therefore the only radio logger that will allow you to (i) avoid false positives by filtering out non-leak noise sources, and (ii) pinpoint the exact location of leaks using correlation and cross-correlation techniques between loggers. There are three standard applications for the Zonescan 820:

Lift & Shift mode (to find difficult leaks or perform zone-by-zone leakage surveys)
Drive-by mode (for permanent or periodical deployment and weekly collection of the data in a drive-by survey)
Fixed network monitoring in combination with the Alpha communication package (the world’s only fully unmanned and automatic permanent network monitoring system)
In the first two applications above, the Zonescan ‘leak intelligence units’ continuously monitor and analyse noise characteristics within the distribution system and can detect and identify the presence and location of a leak. Once in range of a Zonescan logger, a patrol operator (in Lift & Shift) will receive automatic notification from the systems voice embedded host software, first identifying the unit, before announcing the presence or probability of a leak at that point in the water network. If audible confirmation of the leak noise is desired, the operator can, at any time, listen directly to the digitally transmitted leak noise from his vehicle without the need for a physical connection with the loggers.


Radio communication enables the operator to quickly communicate with the logger while it is in the field or back of the truck without needing to dock it in a case.
Unlimited number of loggers can be added to this system without needing to purchase additional communication cables or docking cables.
This logger is thirty per cent more sensitive than most noise loggers and has the option to operate in normal or high sensitivity.
It is the only logger able to transmit correlation data.
The ZoneScan correlating logger has dual logging functionality, it logs the noise levels and makes sound recordings for correlations. Most loggers only log noise or correlate, they don’t do both. This makes the ZoneScan the only logger suitable for both leakage survey work and locating difficult leaks.
With the ZoneScan producing a correlation result within 1 meter of the leak the average on-site pinpointing time is thirty minutes. Pinpointing leaks from noise logged results takes an average of two hours and the operators often have to return at night to perform a correlation. When you add the travel time to this comparison there is a massive reduction in manpower costs with a correlating noise logger.
A correlating logger needs both the loggers either side of the leak to hear the same noise to indicate there is any possibility of being a leak present. If there are two or three leaks between loggers and these loggers detect different noises a correlating logger can indicate no leak. The noise logger function in the ZoneScan will individually assess the probability of a leak being present based on the noise level and provide a leak indication.


Drive-by mode
Unlimited number of ZoneScan 820 radio loggers
ZoneScan Communication link

Lift and Shift
Per leakage team:

c. 40-150 x ZoneScan 820 radio loggers
1 x ruggedised PDA
1 x ZoneScan 820 Communication Link
1 x PC Software package